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Opinion | President Trumps North Korea Gamble - The New York Times

Nicholas Kristof There’s a misperception that the North Koreans’ offer of a direct meeting is a grand concession. Not at all. It’s something they’ve been seeking for decades, but past presidents refused. So a summit constitutes a huge gift to Kim, and it’s puzzling that our Great Dealmaker should give up so much right off the bat. Frankly, another fear about a Trump-Kim summit is that our president will shun advice from aides and will impetuously agree over dinner to some harebrained scheme to get a deal. (“Withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea and Okinawa? No problem, if you’ll build a wall for me.”) Indeed, it seems he jumped on the idea without consulting important aides, who were left scrambling to praise the kind of talks that the administration previously had condemned. When Nicholas Kristof traveled to the world's most isolated country, he found a nation furious with Trump, and primed for nuclear war — in kindergartens, amusements parks and the halls of government.Published On CreditImage by Jonah M. Kessel/The New York Times Still, it’s genuinely encouraging that Kim doesn’t object to the U.S. resuming military exercises and that he apparently is willing to suspend missile and nuclear tests.

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