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How to Sell Themed River Cruises

River Cruise 2018 Focus Series The recently released River Cruise Focus , from the editors of Travel Agent and Luxury Travel Advisor magazines, examines a niche within a niche. The sales tool focuses on four popular themed river cruise products—World War II, culinary, arts and Christmas markets— to provide travel advisors with a targeted guide to the selling more themed river cruises. “When promoting art themed cruises, I focus on the special interest tours and experiences that I think will appeal most to my customers. Art themed cruises are wonderful because they give guests an immersive experience and an opportunity to travel with like-minded people,” said Lisa Long, owner of Luxury Vacations LLC, an independent agency in the Avoya Network, Marietta, GA. She emphasizes that themed experiences are an enhancement to the itinerary and typically available at no extra cost. The guide reports on several noteworthy art themed cruises from top-selling providers, including Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, CroisiEurope, Tauck, Avalon Waterways and Crystal River Cruises. Art and music collide on Tauck’s 12-day “Musical Magic Along the Blue Danube” sailing that brings guests up close and personal with the homes, concert venues and palaces where Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt and others composed and performed. The #1 Industry Event for Specialization | Oct. 9-11, 2018 Travel Industry Exchange is the leading one-to-one event featuring a product-focused conference, networking and entertainment. Top agents vie for coveted hosted positions to leverage valuable supplier content that will help improve personal growth and increase overall sales.

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Hitlists new premium service puts a travel agent in your pocket

“People had the time, inclination, and money to travel, but didn’t book because they got lost in the search process. When I sent custom advice, like ‘you said you wanted to go to Istanbul, there are $500 direct round trips in May available right now, that’s a good price and the weather will be good and the tulip festival, this unique cultural experience, will be happening’ — 4 out of 5 people would book,” Morris explains. “I wouldn’t be able to scale that level of advice at the beginning, so we focused on just the flight deals. But now we have four years’ worth of data that we can learn from — browsing and searching within Hitlist — and we can start to build more sophisticated models that will inspire and enable people to travel at scale,” she says. The new subscription feature will offer users the ability to filter airline deals by things like the carrier, number of stops and the time of day of both the departure and return. It’s also working with airlines to market “closed group” fares that aren’t accessible through flight search engines, but are available to select travel agents and other resellers that market to a closed user group. These will be flagged in the app as “members-only” fares. Hitlist says it’s currently working with one airline and, through a third party, with several more. But because this is still in a pilot phase and is only live with select users, it can’t say which.

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Don't Travel Until You Read These Great Tips

No matter what type of trip you have in mind, travel is always something that combines excitement as well as stress. This advice should help you maximize your level of fun and reduce your anxiety.

Learn about the place you are traveling to. Buy a map and check out the attractions. This will give you ideas on the different activities that you can do.

Choosing an aisle seat keeps options open. Window seats are overrated. An aisle seat gives you the freedom to move about as well as access to the belongings you have stowed in the overhead compartment.

Try getting in a big workout before you board the plane. Multi-hour flights can take a lot out of you. Sitting for an excessive amount of time can cause your back and legs to cramp. To eliminate back and leg pain, stretch and do a light workout to prepare for your flight.

Look at airline websites when making a search for low rates. You could find a very good deal this way, and it may even beat that of sites like Travelocity.

Let a family member have access to the travel itinerary you will be following. That way, someone at home will know where are are at all times. Stay in contact with them as well. This provides you with a level of protection.

When traveling by air you should wear comfortable shoes which can be slipped off easily. You may need to take your shoes off during security checks. The most important thing is comfort. The ideal pair of shoes should also be as light as possible for the long hours you will spend sitting. Sandals or flip-flops are footwear that is ideal for air travel.

Avoid driving in rush hour traffic when setting out on your trip. If you can't plan your trip where you won't be driving during rush hour, use that time to stop for a break. This is a good time to eat or relax.

When traveling abroad, know exactly how to proceed if your passport is stolen. The United States You can check the US Embassy website to find contact information. Keep this information on you when traveling. Generally, a replacement passport can be prepared in a matter of days.

The newsletters of major airlines are great sources for travel deals. Those publications will ensure you are aware of current discounts and deals as well as last-minute offers. Although these emails can add to the clutter in your inbox, you can always filter them, only opening them when you need to snag a deal on airfare.

You can make your vacation more eco-friendly by using environmentally responsible services. Lots of hotels have a reusable linen program, use alternative energy, use lighting that's energy efficient, have guest recycling receptacles, and use low-flow plumbing. Many things and places that you will use on your trip have embraced the green philosophy, and you are sure to be able to find such things when you travel.

If your trip will involve renting a car, check your car insurance coverage before leaving home. Car rental agents will surely attempt to sell you some insurance, but it may be that you do not even need it. Auto insurance policies usually include at least some third party liability coverage. Know how your policy works before you leave.

These days, you can do almost all of your vacation planning on a single travel site. You can plan your trip on a travel site with little effort. Make the most of your travel budget by booking air travel, rental cars and hotels online. One of the best parts is the fact that you can read reviews from many sources. In addition, these sites can offer you some tremendous savings opportunities, including package deals and discounts for travel plans made at the last minute.

It doesn't matter where you are going, planning is an important part of travel. The above tips will help make your trip one that you will always remember.
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